“Turning your back on your offspring means turning your back on your future” Sophia Momodu shares cryptic post

Sophia Momodu, the first babymama of singer, Davido has shared a cryptic post about dead beat parents.

Quoting the words of T.D Jakes, Sophia stated that turning one’s back on your offspring means turning one’s back on your future.

She tweeted,

“Turning your back on your offspring means turning your back on your future…

T. D Jakes”.

However, Sophia Momodu made it known that she wasn’t talking about her baby daddy, Davido.

In a series of tweets, Sophia stated that not every of her post is directed at her baby daddy.

According to her, it’s okay for a woman to decide to carry on with her life without every single thing she does trickling down to her ex.

“It’s ok for 2 people to have a child together, NOT be together however decide to co parent in peace for a greater good without faceless people behind fake pages projecting their insecurities on them”.

“I know this would upset the faceless & insecure but have you ever seen a gorgeous, intelligent, industrious, highly blessed & favored woman without options when it comes to the opposite sex? Lol it’s truly laughable

As an African woman it should be ok to prioritize one’s self, peace, relationship with God & personal growth over all else without being trolled by the faceless & insecure.

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