Whatever that happens between your father and mother is between them and God, never take sides. don’t be instrumental to God’s wrath on yourself- Ibrahim Chatta advice children

Nigerian actor Ibrahim Chatta has advised children not to take side in whatever brouhaha that happened between your father and mother to avoid bringing wrath of God on themselves.

Ibrahim Chatta shares video of a woman advice grown-up not to ignore their old father because he is supremacy action whne he was young or didn’t take care of them and their mother when he’s young.

Sharing the video, Ibrahim Chatta wrote: “So much WISDOM… found this so interesting” WHATEVER THAT HAPPENED BETWEEN YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER IS BETWEEN THEM AND THEIR LORD. Never take sides. Don’t be instrumental to God’s wrath on yourself. The Almighty knows best as HE alone is The best Judge”

Reacting to this, mixed reaction trails as some of his fans support him and the lady speaking in the shared video while some says him and the lade are encouraged deadbeat father.

His colleague, Bukunmi Oluwasina also took to comment section to disagree with him, saying if the kids choose to take care of him when he’s is there choice, and he should forget wrath of God.

In her word, she wrote:” Any daddy that failed in his responsibilities, and instead, was busy following small small girls and spending on them in his shangoode, When he is old, If his kids choose not to take care of him, forget any wrath of God o. Even the bible says hand wey no work no go chop. Make him go meet the small small girls of his younger days. Na there him fruit of labour dey?. Thank God i and my small oga Had and have the best dad in the world sha. Shout out to all the amazing fathers out there. ? ❤️You guys are the real MVP. As for the irresponsible ones, Nothing for you in your old age! And that’s on peridot? Ke lo gba shoutout yin lowo zazu. If you like call it feminism, Once you make any man feel comfortable being irresponsible, They won’t stop. They will keep getting worse and may end up affecting not just their lives but that of their innocent kids. That’s why my dad do say, Whatever you won’t take in your marriage, Don’t take it in your relationship. But please if you have a good father, take good care of them even much more than your mum if possible ?❤️?? They go through a lot without saying a word, just to take care of the family, and they are rare gems.”

See the video and comments below:

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