Congratulations pour as Kwam 1 opens huge multi-millionaire hotel

Fans and colleagues of Fuji singer, Wasiu Ayinde congratulated him as he opens a huge ranch and resort in Ijebu Ode area of Lagos.

Wasiu Ayinde took to social media to announce the good news. He wrote:” This is to let all our members and patrons be aware that Mayegun Royal Ranch and Resort is now ready for usage, Members can come and be enjoying the purpose for which the place is established for.. 2022 has been soo good year, all Adoration to Almighty God @emmanuellaeversmiling”


authenticmuy: Congratulations sir. Thank God for Hos grace in your life. May it never stop. ?

yussufakinwaledaniel: ???? Waoooooooo! Congratulations. This is what some lack, they only buy exotic Cars of millions of dollars at the edge of their age they come back to social media to solicit for funds, this is food for taught for others. Omo odo AGBA nikan lo le ronu bayi. ❤️

olan.ola2022: We can now see the reason you are full-time Tinubu boy ………is there any stable electricity in that area? Is there any good roads to your so called Royal Ranch and resort? We youths are watching all of you

kolaogunkoya: Baba o .. More winning ? this is classic and unique more power more blessings Komaroll Egbonmi .

officialrm: Location don set like that make Ijebu boys no spoil am remain

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