“I calculate every move” Alex Ekubo finally responds to Fancy Acholonu’s allegations (leaked voice note)

An audio recording of Alex Ekubo discussing with his ex-fiance, Fancy Acholonu has now surfaced online amidst the ongoing allegations against the actor from the former.

Nollynaijanews recalls that Fancy Acholonu, an American model and ex fiance of Alex Ekubo, issued a public apology to the actor earlier this year after she embarrassed him last year by calling off their wedding on social media and asking him to “live his truth” which had many insinuating that he is gay.

Interestingly, days after she made the public apology, she reiterated and claimed that Alex Ekubo forced her to put the apology post to save his face. She was upset that he didn’t live up to his end of the bargain after tendering the apology.

Hell-bent on exposing him, Fancy Acholonu further revealed that in their 5 years of relationship, he never touched her.

An audio recording of Alex Ekubo explaining why he wasn’t sure of how to respond to her public apology, is now trending online.

Alex Ekubo finally responds to Fancy Acholonu’s allegations

In the telephone conversation, Alex Ekubo said thus:

I am a calculative person, I calculate every move. i don’t make mistakes, you showed me the post before you published but what did u intend me to respond with? I won’t do any post on my page on it, I will only probably comment under your post. I am being dragged in this as well. i am a forward person not a backward.

There are so many people fighting on our behalf, I got upset with you n that triggered me and when we had the conversation, did i promise to acknowledge the post? After u called, I was confused about what to say cos we aren’t back in a relationship yet.

Now there are three answers I could have given which are either i love u too but I couldn’t give that answer because we aren’t there yet.

Or i respond by bashing you which i will never do or a lukewarm answer which is neither here or there which might be taken out of context, eg its okay or it is well and netizens turn it around. After the post, i called u to appreciate you twice, didn’t i?

i really don’t us going back n forth, u will always be my friend moving forward when u said the bad one, I didn’t say anything so I don’t have to now. What you did was necessary for the action taken at the time. The comments are a lot, it is your storm now and this shall pass.” Alex Ekubo concluded.

Listen to the audio below;

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