I disguise, avoid other Nigerians abroad after relocating – Lepa Shandy

According to a news that was published by the Punch Newspaper online this morning, it was reported that a veteran actress, Folashade Omoniyi-Adewale, who is popularly known as Lepa Shandy, has spoken about one of the challenges she faced as a celebrity in Nigeria.

While she was talking during an interview with Punch correspondent, she said that she lost her privacy totally.

She said, “I was coming from location one day, one area boy saw me and went to call others to come and surround my vehicle.”

Further talking, she said that day, she was coming from a location early in the morning, on Ikorodu Road, and precisely between Ketu and Ojota, as there was traffic that day.

She said, “One of the area boys just recognised me and went to call others. I won’t forget that day in a hurry. The others came and surrounded my car. I thought of giving them something from the cash envelop I got from location but I gave a second thought that they could just take everything if they sighted the envelop.”

Further talking, she said that the people in cars around saw her and were shouting, “See Lepa Shandy,” instead of them coming to her rescue.

Shandy said, “It was a soldier that was behind my car that helped me. The man had to follow me to Ojota under bridge, to make sure I was safe. It’s a pity the way it is in Nigeria. If you recognise your celebrity, just say hello and go but area boys will harass you, requesting for money from you as if you are earning your money for them.”

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