My Father Said I Brought Shame And Embarrassment To The Family By Marrying A Disfigured Man- Lady

The Punch News recently interviewed Nigerian cobbler Abiodun Dada and his wife Rumoke. In spite of the fact that Abiodun was disfigured by acid his cousin threw on him with the goal to kill him many years ago, these two managed to fall in love.

In this interview, Rumoke, his wife, said that because Abiodun had physical deformities, the community had humiliated her marriage to him and her father had disowned her.

She claimed that because of her job, she had been terrified of her husband when they had first met. She called him to create some shoes after obtaining his phone number from the door of his store. However, he began to call her frequently, which she initially ignored. Over time, though, they developed a mutually beneficial relationship through which they fell in love.

However, she stated that although her mother was accommodating, her father was not in favor of their relationship. After she decided to wed Abiodun, her father disowned her, and even neighbors began making fun of her.

“Initially, my father disowned me since I chose to wed him,” she claimed. He said that I had made his family feel ashamed and embarrassed.

“When I walk through the streets, I hear people making fun of and chatting up about me. I ignore them completely. We love one another. Our children make us very joyful all the time.

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