Build Your Woman Up While You Grow- Obi Cubana Says As He Shares Photo With His Wife

Obi Iyiegbu, a Nigerian businessman, entertainer, philanthropist, and the undisputed king of Nigeria’ s nightlife, is better known by his stage name, Obi Cubana. His birthday is April 12th, 1975, and his hometown is Oba, which is located in the Demili- South Local Government Area of Anambra State in Nigeria. He was born on April 12th.

Just a few minutes ago, a well- known Nigerian businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist came to social media in order to share some words of wisdom with members of the general public.

The Nigerian billionaire encourages the younger generation to focus on developing their relationships with their significant others while they are still young since they will undoubtedly require her in the future. In addition, Obi coupled the caption with a nice snapshot of himself and his beautiful companion.

” From his Perspective”

” Dear Young People, Invest in her development as you advance; you will undoubtedly require her in the future ” , He stated, and it caused a flurry of responses from readers, viewers, and followers; many of them responded in the comment section.

Check out the captured image of the post that Obi Cubana has provided down below:

In the picture that was just shown, Obi Cubana could be seen standing next to his stunning wife at a construction site. They were both beaming with happiness, which made them look very different from how they normally do.

The following are screenshots of various responses received from members of the general public:

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