“Who Says It’s Early To Start Practicing Yoga?” Regina Daniels Says As She Flaunts Her Son (Photos)

It interests mothers to see their children growing up in a lovely way. In light of this, Regina Daniels Nwoko took to her official Instagram handle to show off her beautiful son, Khalifa. In the caption, the screen goddess asks who says that it is too early for her son to start yoga practice. What a happy mother with a lovely son!

For every proud mother, there’s a beautiful child to behold. Regina doesn’t disguise her joy of being a mother for any reason. She flaunted her son for others to share in her joy. In the pictures she posted, she wrote, “Say hello to our commander in chief.” “Who says it is too early to start practicing yoga?”

How time flies. It’s amazing how children grow up so fast. For Regina, it is good to know that her son is doing great. She took to her official social media account to share images of her son with his grandmother. This happens when a woman wants everyone to see the reason for her happiness.

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