SHOCKER! ! ! 15- Year- Old Secondary School Student Suddenly Gives Birth In Class During Lectures

MyZimbabweNews reports that a form 3 student at Loreto High School in the Kwekwe District of the Midlands Province shocked everyone when she gave birth to a child in the middle of a session.

The 15- year- old student, who cannot be identified for moral concerns, is said to have caught her classmates’ attention when she gave birth.

The baby’ s birth was allegedly assisted by teachers and other kids.

Brother Phillip Mapiravana, the head of the school, verified the occurrence but was unable to provide any specifics.

He stated that, ” It is true she was doing Form 3 at our school. She has since been taken home by her parents in Gweru, that is all I can say for now. “

In another news report, it was recalled that residents of the Abaranje neighborhood in Ikotun, Lagos, got shocked to learn that a 14- year- old girl tagged her biological father as the father of her unborn child.

The Junior Secondary School 3 girl explained to the bewildered locals that her father had hidden her in a herbal house till she gave birth after impregnating her the previous year.

It was said that her father, Johnson, a professional motorcycle rider who is 40 years old, carried out the act sometime in May 2017.

Vanguard discovered that the victim kept her father’ s role in her pregnancy a secret until after she gave birth.

Evidently displeased by the discovery, her aunt informed the Ikotun Police Division officers, which resulted in the suspect’ s detention.

The adolescent said, ” I am in JSS 3; my mother is late. I have been living with my father and my siblings since my mother died.

” My father is an Okadaman. I was schooling before the incident. That night was the first time my father slept with me. When I discovered I was pregnant, I told him. I was afraid to let anyone know that my father is responsible for my pregnancy at that time.

” Obviously, my father was ashamed. He took me to Iya alagbo (local herb sellers), throughout the duration of my pregnancy. He didn’ t want anyone to know. It was later I told my aunt that it was my father that got me pregnant, when she kept asking me who was responsible. She was shocked. “

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