Okey Bakassi And Ibrahim Chatta React As Video Of Student Fighting Her Teacher Went Viral

Children are the future of tomorrow and they needed to teach how to respect others. Recently, a video of a student went viral, as she was seen doing something bad to her teacher oversea and this caught the attention of some celebrities like Okey Bakassi, Ibrahim Chatta, and Junior Pope and they reacted.

A video went viral, as a student was seen fighting her teacher. Although the reason for the fight is unknown, many people choose to react to this video differently, as many condemn the act.

Okey Bakassi, Ibrahim Chatta, and Junior Pope (a Nollywood movie actor) are among the Nigerian celebrities that saw the video and reacted.

In Okey Bakassi’ s reactions, the comedian said that parents tried hard so that their children will not experience the kind of hardship they had, and they brought up this kind of child. He also kudos to Africans for teaching the world how to discipline children, but later added that Africans aren’ t organized.

Ibrahim Chatta also added that the world has changed. He also added that some time back in Nigeria, parents usually tell their children that they will report them to their teacher to scare them to do the right thing. Junior Pope also reacted and wondered why the student had to do that.

Okey Bakassi is among the legendary stand- up comedian in Nigeria. He was birthed in Owerri in the 1960s. Okey Bakassi began his journey in the comedy Industry over 3 decades ago and has anchored a lot of shows in Nigeria and abroad.

On the other hand, Ibrahim Chatta is a popular Yoruba actor. He was born in Kwara state in 1970. Ibrahim Chatta joined the Yoruba movie Industry over a decade ago and has acted in several Yoruba movies. Some of the movies Ibrahim Chatta has acted in are Sidi Ilujinle, President Kuti, and so on.

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