Veteran actor, Adebayo Salami ranked as one of Africa’s 100 “Most impactful people 2022”

Veteran actor Adebayo Salami, also known as Oga Bello, has been ranked as one of Africa’s “Most impactful people of 2022”

The veteran actor took to social media to announce the good news, sharing the cover page photo.

He captioned the photo with:

Salam Alaykun, as the sun rises every morning and nobody can stop it, so shall your Greatness emerge without any hindrance. Almighty Allah will shake Heaven as well as the Earth and cause your enemies to lose their hold on you and your household. He shall stand for you today and always.Jummuah Mufeedah

Fans and fellow actors took to the comment section to celebrate the well-deserved recognition for the legendary performer.

Adebayo Salami, who has been in the entertainment industry for over four decades, has made a significant impact in the film industry, both locally and internationally. He is renowned for his exceptional acting skills, captivating screen presence, and ability to bring characters to life on screen.

His filmography, which boasts numerous critically acclaimed films, reflects his unwavering commitment to the craft. He has starred in classic films such as “Iyawo Asiko,” “Aguntasolo,” “Efunsetan Aniwura,” and many others.

The veteran actor’s recognition as one of the “Most impactful people of 2022” has been described by fans and fellow actors as a testament to his hard work, dedication, and contribution to the African entertainment industry.

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