We Can’t Continue Suffering And Smiling- Actress, Ifemeludike Cries Out Over New Naira Note

A popular Nollywood actress, Chioma Ifemeludike has cried out over the sufferings which Nigerians have to go through. This mostly has to do with the struggles of getting the new Naira note and fuel scarcity. The actress made this known via a post she made on her Instagram page moments ago. Sharing a video of Nigerians fighting at the ATM cues just to get the new Naira note, she said that most Nigerians there after suffering still clap for leaders. She made it known that we can’ t continue suffering and smiling at the same time. The actress added that the country is rich in resources which can better the lives of everyone if there is togetherness. Finally, she urged Nigerians to learn to refuse laws that affect everyone.

She wrote, ” These same people will come on social media and clap for a confused government, irresponsible and clueless leaders but they’ ll fight and abuse their fellow citizens at the ATM. We as a people must learn to resist mediocrity or anything

that makes life more difficult for us, we have to deal with fuel scarcity, little or no power supply, increase in prices food stuff at the markets on a daily” .

” We can’ t really continue to suffer and smile like roasted goats. There should be a point of enough is enough! ! ! This country got enough resources to make every citizen comfortable but we as a people must understand our strength, we must stop fighting each other, and we must unite against thieves who have stolen so much from us” .

” Stop fighting yourselves and patting polithieftians at the pack, when they introduce

these back- breaking policies that never work in our favour we must resist them! I have not seen any polithieftian in the long ATM queues, it’ s the common man who is left to fight each for out of frustration, it’ s their housemaids and drivers who they send to wait for hours under the scorching sun, it’ s the same bank workers they tip heavily to get the new notes. . . Understand that these evil men have allowed Nigeria to deteriorate to this point so they keep sucking your blood” .

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