Actor Lateef Adedimeji Reacts After His Wife, Mo- Bimpe Called Him The Best In Everything

Lateef Adedimeji, a well- known actor in Yoruba movies, has responded to his wife, who is congratulating him on his birthday on her Instagram page. He did this by taking over her account. Mo- Bimpe took to her Instagram page to share the post in which she gushed over her husband and called him the best at everything. In the post, she described him with sweet words.

After reading her new post, her hubby could not contain his excitement and immediately expressed his thoughts and feelings regarding her new post. He could not hold back his reaction.

The actor is commemorating his birthday today, and his wife gave him a wonderful greeting, telling him that she thinks he is the best at everything, that he is a genius, and that he is a superstar. Her husband quickly gave her a response, during which he referred to her as his ” engine room” and his joy, and he expressed how much he values and appreciates her.

In the post that his wife made on her Instagram page, she made an assertion in which she said, ” It is formally your birthday in Nigeria. ” I call him my prodigy, my fave in every way; I love you, my superstar. Happy birthday to the person who is the best in everything. The actor was quick to respond, and in his own words, he said, ” Thank you, my love, my engine room, and my joy. ” ” You will always have my love and gratitude. “

Her intention in doing so is to commemorate the passing of another year in her husband’ s life on the occasion of his birthday, which is today. She did well by characterizing him with nice words, which went down well with the actor as proven by his response. She did well by describing him in a way that was complimentary.

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