“I am not a careful person. My heart is so free” – Toyin Abraham reveals why she keeps her circle very tiny

Actress Toyin Abraham during an interview with This Day Newspaper opened up about her personal life and her approach to friendship.

During the interview, Toyin revealed that she is not a careful person and that her heart is very free. She stated that she has always been this way and that it is a part of who she is.

She said: “I decided to have a small circle because there was too much noise in my head. There is always noise around me, both positive and negative. I am not a careful person. My heart is so free. I am someone you can trust with anything. You can do whatever you want to do in my presence. I’m someone you can tell anything to, you can be who you want to be in my presence. I won’t judge you. Anything you do in my presence, that’s where it ends.

I feel I do the same to the people thinking they are like me but it has affected me in many ways so I decided to make my circle very tiny and I’m happy. These are people who genuinely love me even when I mess up… because I’m not perfect. Even Jesus drove out people who turned his father’s house into something else with a cane. Jesus was angry.

So I’m not perfect, I will do things that will make you angry but you know a lot of people, once you are an actress, people hardly forgive your mistakes. Things that ordinarily they will take from others, when it gets to you, they will go on social media. Although one is expected to get a thick skin with these criticisms, when it happens too often, one needs to be careful enough.”

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