People Mock & Laugh At Me Because I Was Born With Two Female Reproductive Organs – Elizabeth

A Ghanaian mother, Elizabeth Amoaa who was born with a rare condition called Uterine Didelphys, aka having two female reproductive organs, was recently interviewed by BBC News and she narrated her ordeal living with such a condition. During this interview, she said that people mocked and even laughed at her because she of her condition.

According to her, 5 years ago she spoke at a Ghana Radio Station and talked about her condition. However, many Ghanaians used her story to mock and laugh at her. They even tagged her “woman with two organs” and some insulted her with it. She lamented on how she was heavily trolled online by many comments, but she stood tall and strong.

She said, “People mock and laugh at me because I was born with two female reproductive organs.

“It started 5 years ago when I first talked about my condition on a Radio Station. Some even tagged me names and insulted me. A lot of comments on social media were negative.

“I am stubborn and strong. I have become a voice for many women like me out there”.

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