How can you take someone suffering from partial paralysis inside the bush?- Foluke Daramola drag Pastor who built a house for Iya Ibeji Omo Araye

Actress Foluke Daramola took to social media to express her frustration and disappointment towards a Pastor who raised funds to build a house for veteran actress Adenike Gboye, popularly known as Iya Ibeji Omo Araye

Recalls that popular Ibadan-based prophet, Agbala Gabriel raised funds for veteran actress Iya Ibeji Omo Araye, who is currently suffering from a stroke.

He used the fund to buy a half plot of land and start the construction of a two-bedroom flat.

Many hail his action and drag Foluke Daramola for just using the sick old veteran actress to show off without offering her something meaningful.

Reacting to this in a now deleted video on her Instagram page, Daramola expressed her anger towards those who criticized her and also expressed her anger towards the actions of the pastor and questioned how someone could dump someone in such a vulnerable state.

Some parts of her speech read:

Now am going to address something because some people are talking rubbish on social media.

Firstly I didn’t collect money directly from anybody, I make sure that it as Iya Ibeji’s account and her daughter’s account i gives out out on social media to raise funds because I don’t want stupid talk, I did all this thing from my own position.

There years ago I paid for Iya Ibeji house rent, when she was sick, I wenT to the hospital and pay for her medical bill without coming to social media to ask for money from anybody.

Now if at the end of the day, a pastor went to build a house for her and people that have sense should ask where is the house, the house is inside the bush, this is somebody that has partial paralyse and you didn’t consider how to take care of her?, won’t she go to the hospital?, won’t she eat?, it is even more expensive to treat somebody that paralyses than to treat anybody.

Who will be taking care of her?, people are saying the pastor built a house for her, while Foluke went to go and rent the house, is she going to be continue to paying the house rent?

Why won’t I? I can pay the house rent and i have done it before, so get your fact right, this woman need medical attentions.

What will help her is for her to be in an environment where she will be seen by people that will make her happy not for you to o and dump her in the church because you want her to have a house.

Watch her speaks below:

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