“looks real but scary” – Nigerian man makes human body parts for darker skin tones, shocks people online (Photos/video)

A Nigerian man, John Amanam, has showcased his prosthetic artworks of human body parts for darker skin tones amputee.

John Amanam began crafting impressive replicas of human body parts after his brother lost part of his hand, and has served nearly 200 customers in two years.

For amputees of color around the world, living with a limb or body part opposite to their natural skin tone is a daily reality.

The Nigerian man John is on a mission to change the reality of amputees in Nigeria and Africa, as a pioneer in designing hyper-realistic black prosthetics.

Depending on the size and complexity of the prosthetic, it takes John about three weeks to two months to make one.

John Amanam is an innovative sculptor creating hyper-realistic prosthetic limbs for black people.

With an exceptional crafting ability, he makes each body parts to match and suit the skin colour of his patients.

Severally, John has created artificial hair for bald persons, which also makes him the first-ever to do such in Nigeria.

Checkout the photos/videos below:

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