“Natural beauty is everything”- Actress Biodun Okeowo gushes over her beautiful daughter

Nigerian actress Biodun Okeowo took to her social media platform to express her love and admiration for her daughter, Ifeoluwa.

The proud mother shared pictures of her daughter and captioned them with a complimentary message.

“Natural beauty is everything,” she wrote.

The pictures and message shared by Biodun have since gone viral and are being shared on various social media platforms. Fans are in awe of the natural beauty of the young girl and are sending their well wishes to her and her mother.

Many of them said that the young girl was indeed beautiful and that Biodun was a great mother.

One fan wrote:”Black is Diamond ? kisses my baby girl ??”

Another one commented: “A perfect evidence of God’s creativity ?”

Another fan wrote: “She so beautiful,Hope ifeoluwa will also be endowed like u”

One fan wrote: “Omo to jo mommy but fine ju mommy lo”

One fan wrote: “black dont crack, beautiful baby”

One fan wrote: “Great child. May you grow from glory to glory”

One fan wrote: “Like mother like daughter”

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