“Pls always add 250m to my name now”- Toyin Abraham tells fans after her movie hit 250 million Naira in Box Office

It was a proud moment for actress Toyin Abraham as her latest movie hit a milestone in the box office.

The film, which was produced by the talented actress herself, had earned an impressive 250 million Naira in just a few weeks of its release. This was a major achievement for Toyin and her team, who had worked tirelessly to bring the movie to life.

To celebrate this success, Toyin took to social media to express her gratitude and to share the news with her fans. “Moveeeeeeee????? I praise GOD and I appreciate and thank my fans ????I beat my last record x2 ????it can only be my GOD?? IJAKUMO is still showing in cinemas?”, she wrote.

In another post, she shares a video of herself with film director Steve Sodiya chilling with Balvenie
Scotch Whisky.

In the video, she reveals that she and Steve are working on her new script.

In the caption of the video, she states that her fans add 250m to her name.

In her words, she wrote:”Working on my new script with @thebalvenie with my uncle @stevesodiya we are coming again?? IJAKUMO is still showing in cinemas in Nigeria and @odeoncinemas Greenwich Uk ?❤️ Pls always add 250m to my name now?? #worldbest250m #toyin250m #ijakumo250m #ijakumo #iyaire250m #iyawokola250m #ayaogbomosho250m #toyintitans250m #aburostevesodiya250m”

The post quickly went viral, attracting thousands of likes and comments from her fans and followers.

Toyin’s fans were overjoyed at the news, and they took to the comment section to share their congratulations and well wishes.

Many of them praised the actress for her hard work and dedication, while others marveled at the impressive box office numbers.

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