“Hijab doesn’t represent how religious I am” – Laide Bakare says

Nigerian actress Laide Bakare recently made a statement about how she wearing a hijab doesn’t represent how religious she is.

In a social media post, Laide shared different photos of herself wearing a hijab and stated that wearing a hijab doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s more religious than others who don’t wear it. According to her, the hijab simply serves as a reminder that she’s a Muslim.

She wrote:”Hijab doesn’t represent how religious I am, it simply reminds me that I’m a Muslim, even when my Imaan is at lowest, wearing hijab Actually makes me more Beautiful It’s the last slide for me?which is your favorite? Happy world hijab ? day #hijabday2023.”

Her statement was met with reactions from the public, with some people agreeing with her, while others disagreed.

One fan wrote:”Wow you are looking more pretty admire amazing beautiful. Oh Allah let the treasure of beauty you endowed her to be more booom throughout the universe. It shall be well with you. Amin bijahi kunfaya Kum Amin.”

Another one commented: “Hijab or no hijab all of your pictures always look dope!”

However, there were also those who felt that Laide’s statement was disrespectful to the traditions and beliefs of the Muslim community. They argued that the hijab is a symbol of religious devotion and that wearing it is an act of obedience to Allah.

One fan wrote: “Useless Alhaja”

In modern usage, hijab generally refers to headcoverings worn by certain Muslim women. Many Muslims believe it is obligatory for every female Muslim who has reached the age of puberty to wear a head covering.

See her post below:

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