To many backbites, friends turned enemies, gossiping around”- Kwam 1’s estranged wife,Titi Marshal blows hot as daughter clock 10

Titi Marshal, the estranged wife of famous Nigerian fuji musician, Wasiu Ayinde, took to her social media to express her thoughts and events surrounding her as she marks her daughter’s 10th birthday.

In a lengthy post, she vented her frustrations with the “backbites, friends turned enemies, and silly Aunties gossiping around”.

She wrote:

How Time flies, 10 years ago … what a memorable day , The entire house hold was filled with joy, radiance of happiness when the news of your birth was announced, she came out so white and looked like an Arabian baby with so much hair and your side buns just like mine, Though your pregnancy turned me into a black woman, was sick all thru throwingup, spitting all over.Anyways that my usual way thru my pregnancy journey. ANJOLAOLUWA…. my warrior child, she came into this world beautiful cause you were ordained by Almighty Allah, Despite the fact that there were so enemies…. To many backbites, I saw friends turned enemies , some silly Aunties going from shops to shop to gossip but the most wicked of them all eventually fell into the gutter ,All fighting themselves for reasons known to them too many lies , rumors up and down…… unfortunately man proposes Almighty Allah disposes… what will be will be voila.
What really matters was to carry you in my arms which I did, Your labour was smooth duee to the help of Epidural I was on the bed crushing soft ice and watch the snow drop….
My Name sake… Fatia…. we pave doors to success…
Ayanfe miii…. Omo mii ….Onitemi… Omo Bewaji miii… my replica mini miiiii… Ife miii …. Oko mii
Happy 10th birthday my princess Royal
Absolutely stunning in purple…. purple symbolizes Royalty…. You are born Royal…. Omo omo Masha Eshinlokun…. Omo oba Eko‼️‼️ Morounfolu okun oye‼️

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