“Jasmine Isn’t His Daughter, He Has Memory Loss” – Mr Ibu’s Wife Cries Out, Says She’s Suffering in Marriage

Nigerian actor John Okafor aka Mr Ibu is currently trending on social media following videos shared by controversial IG blog, Gistlover.

The viral clip captured the moment Mr Ibu and his wife, Stella Okafor aka Real Ibruress, got into a heated argument that saw him raising his voice.

Mr Ibu queried his wife and asked if he made a bad decision by choosing to get married to her. The wife, on the other hand, queried him about the true identity of his ‘daughter’ Lady Jasmine whom she referred to as Chioma.

The actor, however, jumped to Jasmine’s defence and asked what she did. In a different clip, the wife filmed herself in distress with Mr Ibu and people in the neighbourhood in the background.

She accused him of coming down to the house to harm her, adding that she’s been suffering with their children.

Watch videos below:

Mr Ibu has memory loss

A different set of screenshots showed the conversation between a handler of the Gistlovers blog and Mr Ibu’s wife, Real Iburess.

The woman claimed she has been suffering in her marriage for a long time and it all started after Mr Ibu left the house to start living with Lady Jasmine.

Real Iburess claimed Jasmine isn’t the actor’s daughter as she makes the world believe, adding that her real name is Chioma Florence Okekeagukwu. She accused Jasmine of changing her identity to fit that of Ibu’s daughter all for fame and attention.

According to Real Iburess, Jasmine has been the one in charge of Mr Ibu’s social media account because the actor is allegedly battling memory loss.

She mentioned how Mr Ibu kicked against the idea of working when they got married and how he’s now refusing to give her money now that everything is falling apart.

Nigerians react to Mr Ibu’s drama

mc_funnel said:

“So all those caption for ibu page na that girl dey put am.”

wigbyokemi said:

“Ok we agreed that Mr Ibu has memory problem, what about Mr Ibu wife, Children and Family? Their own memory too vanished? Cos the story no clear.”

mosquito_net_ng said:

“He had memory loss all the while? Okay ooo. Why did his family, friends, relatives, neighbours etc allow the girl to take advantage of him like he fell from the sky. The story is not adding up abeg. His family never spoke up or debunked the father – daughter relationship etc.”

oluwasunmisola123 said:

“All me I sha know be say that girl don try for Mr ibu life no be today,because people sabi talk the bad side without saying the good deed.”

chichi1beke said:

“Wait a minute, you meant that “my daughter my daughter” is not actually his daughter? But his wife too posted her as my daughter too or am I mistaken? Omo.”

aprilboldchic said:

“Abeg make una calm down first make I understand??? You mean say this girl deceive the whole Nigeria?? Like a whole country??? Where was mr ibu family?? No one debunked it till now? Ah.”

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